IImagine credit cards specially designed to promote and benefit your company or organization. We offer Co-branded Credit Card programs that will truly set you apart from the pack.  Co-branded Cards can help you attract new members and retain existing ones. They can reinforce loyalty and actually be a new revenue opportunity and contribute to increased sales.

We’ve designed a complete line of credit cards and programs, at least one of which will be just right for you. We offer everything from an everyday card for basic purchases to full rewards programs.

Offering white label programs, software, payment integration and complete turnkey solutions, Genisys has options available to integrate into any business platform, serving clients worldwide.

Genisys Offers Financial Payouts Assistance 

Genisys is a leader in administering co-branded debit card programs to worldwide clients. Our debit card program boosts the morale of clients. Our debit card programs strengthen customer-dealer ratio and both benefit from this program.

Co-branded cards are a hot-topic in the market in recent times. Many finance companies are registering their brands in co-branded card programs, as this saves time and money in payment related programs. This improves the brand name of a company.

Our generic debit card program assists financial companies to dispense money in an effective manner and in turn improve business procedures. Our association with Visa and MasterCard is beneficial in increasing marketing possibilities. This way you can save time, resource and reduce bank charges. Our co-branded card program enables dynamic methods of payment with online reporting and serves as a productive brand-building weapon.

We have a potential to merge with any kind of business ventures, which makes our services all the more beneficial to our clients around the globe. We also have different payment combining programs, white label programs and complete turnkey solutions for our global clients.

Our affiliation with big brands such as MasterCard and Visa has made it possible for clients to rope in new customers and raise brand loyalty. We enable customization of different cards offered to consumers and help in decreasing the payroll cost.

We even specialize in payment programs to match our client needs like:

1. Customization of Co-branded debit card programs is done as required by the client.
2. Brand visibility through Co-branded prepaid card programs
3. As per client needs, generic prepaid card programs are altered
4. Generic debit card programs to satisfy customer needs
5. Full suite of solutions to unbanked clients
6. Integration of software and payment process
7. White label programs for maximum exposure of your brand

Our services for financial clients include:

1. Pension Payout programs
2. Insurance payout programs
3. Process membership based affiliation applications
4. Benefit Payout applications and micro loans

Our payroll service has helped financial companies to ease payment related issues and reduce the administrative costs. We even provide micro loans for financial organizations that face monetary crisis while building expensive structures for financial processes. We co-brand the loan and advertise it to your customers as a product offered by your company. This in turn saves the cost on operations and helps financial companies to grow.

Financial companies and institutions can benefit through our complete white turnkey solutions. Our complete solution involves all the necessary requisites such as licenses, which are essential to carry out depository procedures. We also provide an online processing and banking platform to our clients with 24/7 customer support. We offer SMS and mobile payment options for our customers and have links with over 500 mobile service providers. We also offer unlimited upgrades for software required to control and function your business.

We comprise of a committed marketing and authoritative team to device and solve problems for effective business operations.

You can contact us directly through phone to decide and chalk out plans as per your financial needs. For ways to get a co-branded card program at the earnest, contact us at info@gsis.co.in


Specialized Payment Programs Genisys is specialized in the following areas of payment programs:

  • Generic Debit Card Programs
  • Co-Branded Prepaid Credit Card Programs
  • Full suite of solutions for the unbanked clientele
  • Co-Branded Debit Card Programs
  • Generic Prepaid Credit Card Programs
  • Full software and payment processing integration
  • White Label Programs
  • Embossed and un-embossed card programs

Genisys Card Option:

Genisys Card programs vary in size and requirements:

  • MasterCard or VISA
  • Personalized and non-personalized
  • Active or needs activation
  • Magnetic stripe and/or EMV (chip card)
  • Instant issue or bulk orders
  • White labelled or multi-branded cards
  • Embossed or non-embossed
  • Reloadable or non-reloadable
  • Preloaded or with zero balance

White Level Turnkey Solution:

Our complete turnkey solution includes:

  • The company with all necessary licenses to manage the deposit operations
  • A dedicated hosting platform offering advanced security protection
  • Unlimited upgrades for all software and services required to operate the business platform
  • An online banking and payment processing platform
  • Mastercard or Visa co-branded debit card programs
  • Administrative team and management team available to assist with implementation and trouble shooting
  • A turnkey web design package to enhance brand exposure
  • Partnership agreements with over 500 worldwide mobile networks, offering both SMS services and mobile payment options
  • Dedicated client support systems including email, phone, and live chat

With our comprehensive platform, business partners can simply plug and play, focusing all of their attention onto marketing their new business opportunity.