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Genisys provides ecommerce web site design services for businesses that require online store design, ecommerce shopping carts with credit card ordering, merchant account setup , ecommerce hosting as well, as shipping tracker & more. We have valuable experience of e-commerce web site design to share with our clients. Having launched successful ecommerce web site projects we have learned many things that can save our clients money, time and stress. Ecommerce web sites allow small specialist shops to reach niche markets on a national or even global scale – often transforming them from small struggling businesses to thriving companies.


Our e-commerce applications leverage the power of the features:

Shopping Features:

1. 100% Customizable

2. Cross Selling/Up Selling/ Deep Selling

3. Gifting/Gift Registry options

4. Search Engine Friendly

5. Membership Options

6. Shopper Reviews/Ratings

7. Wish Lists

8. Online Orders Status

9. Advanced Product Search

10. Multiple Currency Modes

11. Coupon engines

12. Elaborate Categories

13. Streamlined Check Out

14. Effective Cart Management

15. Member Management


Administrative Features:

1. Efficient Order Management

2. Member Management Modules

3. Orders Tracking

4. Product Options

5. Inventory Management

6. Report Generation

7. Email Marketing

8. Add/Update Products

9. Upload Images

10. Customize Pages

11. Email Notification

12.Simple Administrative Interface


The factors that make our e-commerce solutions stand out from the ones prevalent in the market are:

1. Streamlined code.

2. Quick check out process.

3. Better product options.

4. Effective Inventory management.

5. Real time credit card processing.

6. Advanced customization functionalities.

7. Simple to use administration interface.

8. Quick search and order management capabilities.

9. Reliant security features.


Being an outsourcing firm, we have been churning out numerous online shopping websites for our clients. In fact majority, of the websites, which we develop & maintain, are ecommerce-shopping cart based portals. Apart from the technical ecommerce website development, we specialize in usability design, which takes into account online consumer behavior trends. We have a proven track record in high online customer conversion rate due to our professional ecommerce web site design & usability.
Get in touch with us for your ecommerce web design & developments requirements, right from hosting for ecommerce shopping carts to web based solutions like: Merchant Account Setup , MLM Software , Oscommerce Integration, We can also integrate your existing Website with the shopping cart (E-commerce) feature…

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