Email to Fax is an ideal fax service that enables clients the flexibility to send Internet fax directly from their standard email client to any fax number in the world.

Many clients enjoy the ease of sending faxes directly from the existing email client without the need of installing additional software on their PC. Clients may more easily manage their communications by maintaining all faxes and emails sent in a single client application such as Microsoft Outlook. After sending an email to fax, clients will receive a detailed fax confirmation via email.

Faxmyway Email to Fax Service offers many features and benefits: 

1.Clients May Fax a Simple Fax Note or Attach a File for Internet Faxing
2.More than 200 Attachment Formats Supported
3.Real-time Internet Fax Web Reporting
4.Web-based Internet Fax Resend Capabilities
5.Almost Real-time Detailed Email Confirmations of Internet Faxes Sent
6.Multiple Supported Email Formats for Sending of Email to Fax

Fax Benefits
1. We map our fax number with your email-id to receive faxes without having fax machine and dedicated additional fax line.
2. Eliminate manual fax hassles such as printing and walking to the fax machine.
3. Access, search and store fax messages from your email inbox.
4. Receive multiple faxes simultaneously – your fax number is never busy!
5. Email report confirming the delivery status of each fax sent.
6. SMS alert on your mobile immediately on receiving new fax message. Now no need to check emails regularly for new fax.

Business Benefits
1. Easy deployment and implementation for multiple locations and platforms, company-wide.
2. Utilizes your existing IT investment and resources.
3. Limitless capacity without the cost and installation of software, hardware and dedicated fax lines.

End User Benefits
1. Manage email and fax communications and addresses from your existing desktop email application.
2. Eliminate printing documents and the hassles of manual fax procedures.
3. Now no need to retry every time on getting fax line busy. Failed transmissions are automatically re-attempted.