We offer complete web marketing service working on multiple strategies and to come up with solutions that will give your website visibility and popularity over Internet. Some of my marketing expertise includes:

Search Engine Optimization Service:

  • Keyword research.
  • Creation of relevant Meta tags & other html tags.
  • SEO content optimizing of web site text and creating additional text as needed.
  • Site navigation and control flow optimization.
  • Competition Analysis and report.
  • Search engine submissions directories.

What are Search Engine Promotion Services?

Search engine promotion services are designed to promote improved rankings for web sites. Basically, the term refers to a wide-range of activities which are combined for the sole purpose of securing top spots at major search engines, such as Google, and increasing traffic on your web site.

These services typically include researching keywords extensively so that the best are chosen for your site. The development of SEO content, including tags, and link building are also important aspects of search engine promotion services.

Why Use Search Engine Promotion Services?

Using search engine promotion services is important for one because of all the new technologies being incorporated by leading search engines. For example, Google is now using a process called Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) to help calculate the page rankings. This technique involves the use of language and the relationships between words. The purpose is to weed out sites that are merely fluff content wrapped around keywords. Wildnet Technologies has now begun incorporating this same technology into their search engine promotion services to ensure continued high rankings for clients.

LSI is only one example. The search engines are constantly changing their ranking methods in order to create the best possible experience for users so using professional search engine promotion services is the only one way to keep up with those changes without losing your ranking.

Pay Per Click Advertising: As most of the people in the internet industry must be aware about the Paid Search which has been the core factor in Google’s billion plus revenue and so for other search engines. Popularly known as PPC (pay per Click) or Cost per Click (CPC) search strategies, which have made many, my clients earn big bucks. I have handled PPC Campaign on major Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and host of other small players running their PPC programs.

Web Analytics Solutions: The growth in online advertising and need for companies to the success of those online initiative has given a rise in web analytics industry and the experts providing web analytics solutions.

SEO Copywriting and Editing: This includes specify, write, edit or proofread content for websites, e books, articles, press releases and other matters as may be concerned with the web. That can be writing reviews and preparing reports etc.

Migration of Website: While re-designing and re-development of website or migrating then to new domain there are high risk of loosing search engine ranking, traffic and page value which is earned over a period of time. With an expert solution offered the site would not loose the page rank or the search engine rankings.