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Even if your company has nothing to do with computers or Internet, there are many advantages of maintaining a corporate website. The basic principle is that the more number of people know about your company, your products & services, the greater possibility of them buying from you. From these fundamentals, a corporate web site today, assumes a much larger role. In fact, a corporate web site today is a revenue earning unit of the company. Effective corporate website design not only generates sales but also, saves manpower costs by automating basic functions, which are still traditionally handled by humans. Depending on whether your firm is a small business , a SME, or a large corporation, back end logistics for the website would be proportionally complex. For small business, the essentials would be products & services information, contact details & online sales through a shopping cart..

As the size of a company increases, the corporate web site design functions can be made to handle more complex product categories as well as spare arts ordering online etc. Larger corporations use their corporate web site for several more additional functions which range from launching new products, press releases & more.

At Genisys, we develop back end logistics for several US based firms. These are usually through our outsourcing partners, who outsource projects to Genisys. Apart from Intranet design, we have also developed online surveys for US based companies. These online surveys are conducted by corporate for product feedback from their customers. Other popular online tools, which companies use to connect their employees from global locations, are chat, message boards & forums .

We have also developed corporate websites, which handle reservations & bookings for the hospitality industry. Hotel reservations online for European hotel chain were developed by Genisys (India), recently.We provide corporate web services to small businesses, SMEs & medium size corporate, right from corporate web design, corporate web hosting, intranet & extra net design, development & integration to their online website. We are India based outsourcing firm & we are well adept at handling & maintaining corporate web sites. Check out the Outsourcing India section to know why it is cost-effective (not cheap) to outsource web based projects to India.

If you are a web services company & want to offload your client’s corporate web maintenance & other web related services, please do get in touch with us now!